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The Bottom Line: Lexington - March 29, 2017 Podcast

March 29, 2017

John Calipari is over the UNC loss and back on the recruiting trail. Why is a kid who won't take the Rupp Arena floor for 20 months trending on Twitter? BBN shows John Higgins their true colors. Former UK grad and current Padres manager Andy Green shows why you should never make bets with your boss. Is UK football now just an AAA affiliate for Oklahoma football? Stephen Johnson the Kentucky starting QB next year, but one longtime publication begs to differ. Calipari underachieves in the NCAA Tournament, but not nearly as much as another coach of a blue blood program. How does former Gonzaga coach Dan Monson feel right about now? Are the Patriots only in the market for white skill position players? Roger Goodell headed to New England can't end well. Shocker: LaVar Ball shopping a reality show. The Reds starting rotation is the worst we have ever seen, seriously. Props we like on the Vegas board regarding Reds players for the 2017 season. Is Scooter Gennett a cheap Brandon Phillips? And we scour the edges of the Earth to find another college basketball game to pick tonight.

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