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The Bottom Line: Lexington - February 7, 2017 Podcast

February 7, 2017

Kentucky faces LSU tonight in Lexington. John Calipari's latest mantra: tweak, reboot, or simply placating lies? Johnny Jones is a poor man's Rick Barnes in terms of wasting NBA talent. Why did Malik Monk have to apologize? Why are the NBA stocks of UK's freshmen dropping? Is Virginia the real deal this year? Or yet another sabermetric tease like the last 3 years. The NCAA Tournament early reveal of the top 16 seeds is a complete waste of time. More Super Bowl misery from Atlanta. Baylor football needs to just go away. LeBron wins a game, then calls out the media. DeMarcus Cousins reaches his goal. And after picking 4 winners in a row, we pick 2 more college basketball winners for tonight.

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