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The Bottom Line: Lexington - April 17, 2017 Podcast

April 17, 2017

Overreaction Theatre from the UK Spring Game. Spoiler Alert! Gunnar Hoak is not Joe Montana. When did Louisville players turn into stick figures? Probably a good idea to transfer when your on the bench behind a Heisman winner. The NBA Playoffs have finally begun, with 3 teams already in panic mode. Phil Jackson's days are numbered in New York. The Reds lose 3 of 4 to the Brewers, who have found the 2nd coming of Hank Aaron. A huge warning sign limiting future success of the Reds. Why can't the 1-2 hitters learn from Joey Votto? Proof that the Reds are better than the Cubs. The Browns have found their new QB to pursue. An uninspired NFL opener is on the horizon. And we introduce the NBA Zig Zag Theory to our Mac Daddy Stogie picks.

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