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The Bottom Line: Lexington - March 1, 2017 Podcast

March 1, 2017

Kentucky wins the SEC with an uninspiring win over Vanderbilt. With all apologies, but Derek Willis Proposal-Gate was a lame power play of timing and peer pressure which spells future doom. One ESPN writer in attendance last night doesn't even think UK or Florida will win the SEC Tournament. Grayson Allen finally gets some payback. Daniel Tosh takes aim at Tom Crean and Louisville. John Thompson III should lose his job, but won't. 3 NFL Hall of Famers got released. Kirk Cousins got paid. Kevin Durant has now given the Cavs a chance. Joakim Noah proves Phil Jackson isn't a GM. Stockton Malone Shorts. DeMarcus Cousins at Mardi Gras. 5 Richmond baseball players suspended for things most of us do every day. And we pick 2 more college basketball games for tonight.

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