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The Bottom Line: Lexington - February 10, 2017 Podcast

February 11, 2017

The Kentucky Reboot travels to Alabama on Saturday. Can the Tide extend UK's February slump? Why the most important 3-pointer in the Calipari Era, is one that an opposing team missed. Why isn't Hamidou Diallo playing? Why the big NCAA Bracket Reveal is like telling us 1 of the 4 college football playoff teams. Charles Oakley vs. The Knicks. Russ vs. KD. More reasons why NBA drama is more interesting than the games themselves. Joe Montana finally showed some bitterness towards Tom Brady, which makes us like him. Kyle Shanahan has no accountability for choking the Falcons Super Bowl chances. Ken Starr lives a charmed life. How does Homer Bailey look himself in the mirror with all the money he is stolen. A new Red could be a darkhorse for playing time this year. A Ken Griffey Jr. anniversary. MLB win totals have a shocking number for the Reds. And we look to continue our incredibly hot college basketball picks, 8-2 in February.

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