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The Bottom Line: Lexington - April 26, 2017 Podcast

April 26, 2017

Sports Illustrated gets it right about Kentucky Basketball, but forgets about the fans. Should UK Football be excited about the NFL Draft? The Reds don't learn from history, because they repeat it by stubbornly pitching to Eric Thames. Why are people applauding Chris Coghlan for something Willie Mays Hayes did 23 years ago? The NBA Playoffs continue. Teddy Bridgewater better save his money. Jon Gruden finally shares his biggest mistake. The Raiders have their perfect RB. How has Joe Johnson made $220m? A Lexington native should be pissed off about being taken off Kentucky Derby coverage. Jim Valvano gets honored by the wrong school. Alabama escapes disaster when a former Auburn coach makes an announcement.  And we pick another big MLB underdog tonight.

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