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April 30, 2017

The Bottom Line is Lexington's most intelligent and provocative sports talk because we tell it like it is: using statistical data and logic, without cliche', conjecture, or bias.

We are not your "normal" radio show/podcast. Other shows in Lexington talk about boring topics that are irrelevant to the final outcomes. We are simply better than them, because we actually do research and leg work on our opinions. Unlike other shows, we don't just show up, use conventional wisdom that has no basis, and spit out tired sayings that have no validity.

We talk local and national sports, because we are not on the radio every day to waste time talking nonsense. So things you won't here on this show are favorite movies or best fast food rankings. We can put together a 30-minute show regardless if it's the middle of college football/basketball season, or even if it's the middle of the summer and nobody in this town is paying attention. THAT is what makes us better than the rest in this market, and it's honestly not even close. Anybody in this town can do a sports show in the fall or winter. Show us what you can put together in the summer, and then come back and see us.

You won't like us at first, because we are different. Very few people in this market like to hear something different at first, and that's just how it is. But we don't have agendas or people we have to placate, and we aren't afraid to insult the mighty UK beast. We talk about sports gambling. We talk about race relations. Heaven forbid someone in this town talk about what's really going on in the world. Give us a few podcasts, and you'll get what we are doing.

We talk big picture and big topics. Here is a list of topics we discuss on a somewhat daily basis:
- NCAA Basketball
- NCAA Football
- some sports gambling
- some pop culture

Otherwise, we aren't talking about it. We will talk about topics in other sports that are transcendent. For example, why did all those girls leave the UK women's basketball team in 2016? We still don't know the answer, although the local media applauded their coach for "stepping up" and "facing the music." In reality, no questions were answered whatsoever. Why did no one call this out? The local media has to protect their phony baloney jobs, that's why. But if you're looking for local coverage of any UK sport other than football or men's basketball, you're not in the right place. And if you're looking for anything regarding high school sports or recruiting, we wish you well in your search for entertainment in this world.

We follow the following credo: If you can't bet on the next game, we ain't talkin' bout it.

And if you want to hear about college football and basketball recruiting, you won't get that here either. Why? Why should adults waste their time worrying about where a 16 or 17-year old kid is going to school? Seems like a waste of time, doesn't it? It is! And yes, the success of college teams is based heavily on recruiting the best players. But there is no worse radio in this market than hearing these recruiting "experts" (using that term VERY loosely) wax poetic on what some kid's best friend put on social media and trying to guess the hidden meaning of it and whether it means they are going to UK or not. Pathetic! Don't tell us about the labor pains, just show us the baby! Wake me when the season starts, and THEN we will see what you have on the court/field.

For college football, we talk 4 topics:
- Head Coach
- Quarterback
- Vegas betting line for the next game
- Predicting who will win the next game using unbiased data

That's it. If you want to hear about recruiting, or debating 3-4 vs. 4-3 defensive schemes, or offensive line depth charts, then this isn't the show for you.

For college basketball, we talk about lots of analytics. Contrary to public belief, no sport follows the numbers better than college basketball (don't let those upsets during the NCAA Tournament fool you). From following Jeff Sagarin's ratings in the USA Today almost religiously as a kid, to following Ken Pomeroy, Nate Silver and the good folks at fivethirtyeight, ESPN BPI, and the likes today, we have seen how following the numbers benefits us as fans trying to enjoy the games and pick some winners. Look, we aren't coaches, and neither are you. The use of analytics help us look like we know basketball, even if we don't. But you won't hear this from anyone else in this market, and that's fine! We will be the ones cashing tickets all season, as they wonder what went wrong with their dreaded "eye tests" and "gut feelings."

So when it comes to college basketball, here are the topics we discuss
- Head Coach
- Team analytics and numbers
- Vegas betting line for the next game
- Predicting who will win the next game using unbiased data

Again, if you want to hear about recruiting, zone defense vs. man-to-man defense, or dribble drive offenses, you have nothing to see here.

So if you want to hear tired cliche's like "we're fired up," or "we're due," then we can't help you. We laugh at these losers who have no research or statistical data to back up their claims. And while we are at it, referring to UK as "we" is flawed logic unless you are either a player or a coach on the team. If you are a fan, you aren't part of the team, and you obviously cannot take emotion out of your decisions.

The Bottom Line: We discern the information for what it really is without bias, focusing on what really matters, and try to predict events going forward using data (not cliché’).