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April 30, 2017

Nobody picks underdogs in college basketball better than The Bottom Line, and we will prove it! All of our picks are documented on the podcast for that day. Our documented basketball picks during the 2017 calendar year are below, split into 2 categories:

DOGS ATS: picks when we take underdogs against the Vegas line in hopes of covering the spread (if they win the game, it's a gravy bonus). Hit 52.38%, and you've made a profit.

UPSET SPECIALS: unranked teams defeating ranked teams, or lower ranked teams defeating higher ranked teams straight up, going against what the majority of the public expects based on the AP Poll (which is always flawed). Take these games getting odds against the money line, and 50% makes you a BIG winner.

DOGS ATS: 32-17-2, 65.3%
UPSET SPECIALS: 24-12, 66.7%

Saturday, March 4
DOGS ATS: Duke +7 over North Carolina (Push), Wake Forest +2 over Virginia Tech (WIN), TCU +3.5 over Oklahoma (loss), Rutgers +5.5 over Illinois (WIN)

Wednesday, March 1
DOGS ATS: Michigan +1 over Northwestern (loss), Illinois -1 over Michigan State (WIN)

Tuesday, February 28
DOGS ATS: Rutgers +6.5 over Maryland (loss)
UPSET SPECIALS: #17 Duke over #15 Florida State (WIN)

Saturday, February 25
DOGS ATS: Missouri State +13 over Wichita State (loss), Auburn +2 over Arkansas (loss), Oklahoma +2.5 over Kansas State (WIN)
UPSET SPECIALS: unranked Iowa State over #9 Baylor (WIN)

Wednesday, February 22
UPSET SPECIALS: #8 North Carolina over #7 Louisville (WIN)

Tuesday, February 21
DOGS ATS: Illinois +1.5 over Northwestern (WIN)

Saturday, February 18
DOGS ATS: Vanderbilt +2 over South Carolina (WIN), Houston +3.5 over SMU (loss)
UPSET SPECIALS: #4 Baylor over #3 Kansas (loss)

Thursday, February 16
UPSET SPECIALS: unranked Michigan over #11 Wisconsin (WIN)

Wednesday, February 15
DOGS ATS: Indiana +5.5 over Minnesota (WIN), Iowa State +4.5 over Kansas State (WIN)
UPSET SPECIALS: #14 Virginia over #12 Duke (loss), unranked Northwestern over #23 Maryland (loss)

Tuesday, February 14
DOGS ATS: Ohio State +8 over Michigan State (Push)

Monday, February 13
DOGS ATS: DePaul +18 over Villanova (WIN)

Sunday, February 12
UPSET SPECIALS: #25 SMU over #11 Cincinnati (WIN)

Saturday, February 11
DOGS ATS: Providence +4 over Butler (WIN), Ohio State +8 over Maryland (loss), Saint Mary's +4 over Gonzaga (loss), Missouri +8 over Vanderbilt (WIN)
UPSET SPECIALS: unranked Notre Dame over #14 Florida State (WIN)

Thursday, February 10

UPSET SPECIALS: #18 Duke over #8 North Carolina (WIN), #10 UCLA over #5 Oregon (WIN)

Wednesday, February 8
DOGS ATS: Missouri +14.5 over Texas A&M (WIN)

Tuesday, February 7
DOGS ATS: Penn State +4.5 over Maryland (WIN)
UPSET SPECIALS: unranked Marquette over #22 Butler (loss)

Monday, February 6
UPSET SPECIALS: #12 Virginia over #4 Louisville (WIN)

Saturday, February 4
UPSET SPECIALS: #24 Florida over #8 Kentucky (WIN), #13 Oregon over #5 Arizona (WIN), #23 Purdue over #17 Maryland (WIN)

Wednesday, February 1

UPSET SPECIALS: unranked Miami over #15 Florida State (loss), #3 Kansas over #2 Baylor (WIN)

Tuesday, January 31
DOGS ATS: Illinois +7.5 over Wisconsin (loss)
UPSET SPECIALS: unranked Ohio State over #17 Maryland (loss)

Monday, January 30
UPSET SPECIALS: #21 Duke over #20 Notre Dame (WIN)

Saturday, January 28
DOGS ATS: Miami +5.5 over North Carolina (WIN), Rutgers +16 over Wisconsin (WIN)
UPSET SPECIALS: unranked Minnesota over #22 Maryland (loss)

Wednesday, January 25
DOGS ATS: Georgia Tech +10 over Florida State (WIN)

Tuesday, January 24
DOGS ATS: Arkansas +3.5 over Vanderbilt (WIN)
UPSET SPECIALS: #18 West Virginia over #2 Kansas (WIN)

Monday, January 23
DOGS ATS: Portland +24 over Gonzaga (WIN)

Saturday, January 21
DOGS ATS: DePaul +11.5 over Butler (WIN), Minnesota +4.5 over Wisconsin (WIN), Portland +32.5 over Gonzaga (WIN)

Wednesday, January 18
DOGS ATS: Ohio State +2 over Nebraska (WIN)

Tuesday, January 17
DOGS ATS: Ole Miss +2.5 over Tennessee (WIN)

Sunday, January 15
UPSET SPECIALS: unranked Colorado over #25 USC (loss)

Saturday, January 14
DOGS ATS: St. John's +13.5 over Villanova (WIN), Oregon State +25 over Oregon (loss), Tennessee +4.5 over Vanderbilt (WIN)
UPSET SPECIALS: #14 Louisville over #7 Duke (WIN), #11 North Carolina over #9 Florida State (WIN), unranked Virginia Tech over #20 Notre Dame (loss), #25 Kansas State over #1 Baylor (loss)

Thursday, January 12
UPSET SPECIALS: unranked Miami over #20 Notre Dame (loss), unranked Utah over #25 USC (WIN)

Wednesday, January 11

DOGS ATS: Wake Forest +9 over North Carolina (WIN), Butler +5.5 over Creighton (loss)
UPSET SPECIALS: unranked Michigan State over #24 Minnesota (WIN)

Tuesday, January 10
DOGS ATS: Vanderbilt +11.5 vs. Kentucky (WIN)
UPSET SPECIALS: #10 West Virginia over #1 Baylor (WIN), #9 Florida State over #7 Duke (WIN), unranked Texas Tech over #25 Kansas State (WIN)

Sunday, January 8
UPSET SPECIALS: #20 Purdue over #13 Wisconsin (WIN)

Saturday, January 7
DOGS ATS: Arkansas +17 over Kentucky (loss), Georgia Tech +13.5 over Louisville (loss), St. John's +14.5 over Xavier (loss), San Francisco +11.5 over Saint Mary's (WIN), Washington State +15 over Oregon (loss), Colorado +12.5 over Arizona (WIN), Texas A&M +7.5 over South Carolina (loss)

Wednesday, January 4

DOGS ATS: Iowa State +10 vs. Baylor (WIN), Washington +10 vs. Oregon (loss)
UPSET SPECIALS: unranked NC State over #21 Virginia Tech (WIN)

Tuesday, January 3
DOGS ATS: Alabama +2 vs. Mississippi State (WIN), Arkansas +2.5 vs. Tennessee (WIN)
UPSET SPECIALS: #25 Indiana over #13 Wisconsin (loss)